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Outline of FY2011 Customs and Tariff Policy Amendment

As of April, 2011

1. Extension of the effective periods of temporary tariff rates and measures

(1) 10-year extension:
Generalized System of Preferences
- Abolishment of the ceiling set for certain industrial products and amendment of the GSP tariff rates for the above products
- Revision of the criteria for application of competitiveness-focused, product-by-exclusion measure
 (2) 3-year extension:
- Tariff exemption for aircraft components
- Tariff reduction for products made of goods that are originally exported for overseas processing or assembling
(3) 1-year extension:
415 temporary tariff rates, Special Safeguard, Safeguard Measures for beef and pork

2. Amendment of the tariff rates

Elimination of tariffs on barium nitrate, etc. and reduction of tariff on nets except for fishing nets.

3. Improvement of the customs procedures for trade facilitation

Enabling to make export declarations without putting cargoes in bonded areas and to get export permissions with regard to cargoes which AEO customs brokers, etc. are responsible for without putting cargoes in bonded areas
(AEO: Authorized Economic Operators - firms recognized by Customs to excel at security management and compliance)

4. Strengthening customs enforcement

(1) Enabling to obtain passenger name record information
(2) Prohibition of export/import of devices and programs that circumvent access control

5. Other

(1) Extending the periods of correction of declaration by customs from one year to five years, and the periods of requests to customs for correction of declaration from three years to five years
(2) Amendment of the tariff schedule in accordance with amendment of "International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System"

*To be enforced on April 1, 2011 for No. 1 and 2, on June 1, 2011 for No. 4(1), on October 1, 2011 for No. 3, on December 1, 2011 for No. 4(2), on December 2, 2011 for No. 5(1) and January 1, 2012 for No. 5(2).